11 September 2008

Inspired by friends

I have decided to share my little nook, thanks Sandie . Remember that this space is only a little over 2 by 2 1/2 metres so you will have to excuse it for looking a little cramped. Even cramped as it is I am still grateful to have an area that I can set all my stuff up in and leave half finished projects out instead of the old way of having to pack everything up. I do still dream of one day having my own space with four walls a door and my choice of colours on the wall but for now this is quite adequate.

this view is as you are walking towards it from the kids playroom, it is in the back corner and you can just see the (unpainted) edge of Paddy's wall to his room on the left.
My desk which is an old one from the Fletcher Jones factory when it shut down in Warrnambool. It was a great buy at $50.00 as it is as solid as a rock. I have it up on blocks because I prefer to stand or perch on a stool. The back is just some old pine shelving that happened to fit on top and is great for storing all the things I use on a regular basis.
these shelves are right behind me, the advantage of having a small space is that everything is within arms reach.
I love the huge pin board,this was already here when we moved in. You might just faintly be able to see the ring of holes on it from where a dart boards used to hang.
You can't see it and I forgot to take a photo but these little ikea drawers sit on top of a larger set of Ikea draws named Alex, they store all my wood mounted stamps (yes I do think I have a problem,lol)
The black cd rack below holds stamp sets as well as cd's

the computer part of my area, the printer sits on the floor under my desk.
My chair warmer Mo.
An old kitchen dresser that sits next to my computer. The black albums are from albox and are going to house all my unscrapped photos in different categories, eg one for each of the boys, family, holidays and scenery, friends etc. Well that's the idea anyway. The bottom of the dresser holds projects in the waiting like mini albums and things for OTP projects.
the jars and cane basket hold ribbon (another collection problem I have) Each of the jars has ribbon wrapped around a dolly peg in different colour schemes and the larger jar holds all the bits and pieces that are left over from projects and are not large enough to wrap but to big to throw out.Well I think that is about all, not a lot else to show as I said it is very small. It will probably be different than this again in a month or so because I seem to spend as much time changing things around as I do scrapping but that's half the fun of having a space to yourself.


Donna Maria said...

Hey Susy....I don't mean to be rude, but hon I have never seen your desk so neat and tidy....Love You!

Sandie said...

Susy, Susy, Susy!!
Your nook is just fabulous!! I know that you would like something bigger but hey .......this is good for now.
I love how it's so colourful!!
I'm glad that I inspired you to blog it & share.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit jealous!
It's fantastic.