9 September 2008

Just stuff to share.

What else would a nine year old do with left over plastic cups but make the Eiffel tower? We had a pot luck dinner on Saturday night to hear a talk from three of the young adults in our parish who went to world youth day. Each table had plastic cups which not many were using so Seamus and one of the other young kiddos had competitions on how high they could build a tower. I think 15 was the highest. Cheap entertainment for them. Cute Little Miss Lucy with the giggles.
Guess who has square new punches, well they were new when I did this layout a few months ago.
A simple layout using my new border stamp set that arrived from
JenniferMrGuire yesterday. I think I am really going to like these. The parcel even came with a handmade card (which was as exciting as the stamps themselves)Righto I'm off to have a quick walk, I've been trying to go for days and something always seems to stop me, and then come back and vacuum my floors with my new Dyson. don't think I have ever been this excited about vacuuming before,lol.


Sandie said...

Hi Susy,
Just lovin' the squares!!
That layout is fabulous!!!
Isn't it a wonderful thing what kids can can find to play with!!!

Little Miss Lucy said...

Hi Sue
Lol I like Seamus's idea of the cup tower. Those layouts are just beautiful i really like them.....hehe thats a really cool photo of me giggling, mum really likes it. What was i even giggling about lol.
I have forgotten the type of ink you said works well for stamping????
Lucy xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Really... I do.
The pictures, the writing. It's fantastic.
Thanks for creating such a great place.

Donna Maria said...

Great photo's and layout's Susy....Yes I am very impressed with your Dyson..Were you as excited as me when I got mine?
Missing you heaps...