23 September 2008

It's finally finished

Page one and three, I forgot to photograph page two, it has a tag that says you and me on it and various other bits and pieces. Page three contains photos from our younger years, one from when we were first engaged the other on our way out to a wedding in around our third year of marriage. Pages four and five. The scalloped edged photo frame swivels on the eyelet to reveal journaling underneath. Page five has a frame around it that came with the album.Page five without the frame and page six with a photo of our wedding day.
The final page has a little pocket made from an envelope underneath that can hold either extra photos, journaling or any bits of memorabilia, it is held down with a magnetic snap.
I have mixed my pages around a little in order and I later realised that the photos are not totally in chronological order (the wedding photo is in the wrong spot) but I am still happy with how it turned out.

I have a bad habit of starting projects and not finishing them so I was really pleased when I stuck on the final photos the other day of my Kim Archer workshops at home 'celebrate' album. I think it has helped that I have moved Brendan's old writing desk into the lounge area and can scrap at night next to the fire while either watching tv or chatting with the family. I still have my nook out the back of the house in the kids playroom (all my stuff would never fit into one tiny little antique writing bureau,lol) but when they go to bed at night it often gets very cold and lonely in there, love it and the silence through the day though. Now I pack up a little basket of the goodies I need and potter off into the warmth, I have kept an extra lot of adhesive, and basic tools in the new little desk so I really only need the bigger stuff.


Little Miss Lucy said...

Love it Love it Love it Sue! great work it looks awsome :)

coco said...

your work looks beatiful, my daring Suze. Well done, I am the worlds worst at not finishing something. Anyhoo , not that I have any photographic eveidence to subtantiate this statement but... Mum and I fnished the scrapbook for Harvard and Una. When we came home on Friday I printed off a photo, thankyou so much for taking it lol, and I finished the final page. When I gave it to them they howled, really howled.... I don't think he was expecting anything and he wouldn't read it, he flicked through and said he wanted to savour it and read it when he could have a decent appreciation of it. We all sat at the table and howled, i even think David had a tear. Anyway, it's on it's way back to Scotland on a very scenic route. I miss him already. Harvard is just lovelyxxx coco

Little Miss Lucy said...

I love your alum so much i had to back for another look lol..it looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

YAY. I love finishing things I start. We're crafters... we start a lot more than we finish, huh?
Great job!

Donna Maria said...

Looks fantastic Susy...no really well done it's wonderful, you are so talented.....NOT LONG NOW!!!!! I am sooooo looking forward to seeing you!

kim said...

Hi Sue!!!
Way to go getting that project finished! it looks sensational!!! Thanks so much for coming along to the class..i am so pleased you enjoyed it AND finished your project..well done:)))))))

Yvette Adams said...

I so love this Sue! The colours are just GORGEOUS. So fresh. :)

Can We Be Frank said...

Is there no end to your talent?
LOVED the card, Thanks girly girl!

lisa v said...

What a wonderful keepsake Suze and your boys can fight over in years to come too.

becspicer said...

This is beautiful Sue! Just gorgeous! Congrats on finishing it off.

Mardi said...

Your album from Kims class is just beautiful....its so wonderful to see projects completed after a class.... especially as we know how much love and attention goes into each one..
Thanks for the visit to my blog and the lovely comment too..