23 September 2008

A few random bits and pieces

Our oldest cat Chocolate. Thank goodness he has mellowed with age. He was the type of cat that would not come near you unless he wanted something, now at least he will very occasionally sit on a lap and for some reason loves it when we garden, getting all smoochy and affectionate while we pull weeds. Ta da, my first Christmas card of the year. I am a little disappointed in how it has photographed but will share anyway. On any winter Saturday you will find these boys running out enthusiastically, what ever the weather, even thick fog like this.

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lisa v said...

That's what Reba would do! get all smoochy and affectionate when I pulled grass and thistles for the rabbits. I've just written a post about it for a special day about cats on the photoblog that a member is hosting. Is'nt that funny, I wonder why they do that.