29 January 2008

First day back, pots and an unusual sky

The evening sky And then it turned to this
My little herb and veggie pot patch, tomatoes, strawberries, sage(yum), basil and a very sad looking fennel (it has gone to seed but will mean more later)

The boys had their first day back at school today and so far so good, they all seem to like their teachers, always a big relief, and are happy with the MOST of the kids in their classes. Each class seems to have a few of what the boys call ferals, you know the ones who's sole purpose in life seems to be to distract the rest of the group and stop the flow of the class room, but fortunately they seem to be able to block these kids out a bit and get on with things. I always hate the first day the boys are gone, the house is too quiet and I have to readjust to not be called on for anything, how to handle the silent house, I didn't, jumped in the car and went and had a cuppa with friends. Nothing like good pals to golly things up.
You should of seen the sky tonight, or maybe you did, the younger boys called me out to check out the light and I was greeted with the most weird looking sky and light, it was like that beautiful evening glow but much, much deeper, almost but not quite like when there is a fire. Photos never do things like this justice. all I did with the shots was adjust the levels a little and resize and sharpen for the web.
The last photo is of my little herb pot patch. Inspired by kathryn I have been getting out into the garden more of late and must admit I have really enjoyed going outside and pottering. A lot of stuff is in pots at the moment as I still need to extend the current sad little veggie patch out by several feet and add some soil improver. We are on a sand belt and the current soil is not overly productive, probably the reason I have been off gardening the last few years. We had always lived in areas where there was good volcanic soil and a moderate climate and so it came as quite a shock when we moved here and dug a hole only to discover sand, more sandy than when we lived right next to the beach. We used to be able to put anything in the ground and it would go crazy now we have to work on everything except succulents and some natives. Never say I'm not up for a challenge.


Anonymous said...

Jess has a girl in her class who makes life a misery. Poor thing.
I hear you about the soil. Ours is a whole lotta clay, things really struggle. Roses and butterfly bush will always grow..and lavender, that old standby. We've lost heaps though. even the succulents have a hard time.
I've realised that I hate basil. This only just occurred to me the other day :D
I did'nt see that sky, that's beautiful. You're right about photos not doing them justice, its never as good, you did a good job though.

Kaz said...

I've SO been slack in reading blogs.. and yours is the first one I checked today. WOW... I've missed TONS!
I'll be back more often now that you're back again!