17 January 2008

Why I had to wait to make the bed this morning

Beacause this fat furry thing was lying splat bang in the middle of it, what a life hey? cocky bums, they made me laugh (and move the spot i was sitting in, lol)

And a couple of the two younger boys at the swimming lake. Hope they are no too dark like the last lot. It's really hard to tell on here, I have tiltled my screen back a fair way to make things look a little darker so hopefull that helps compenste for the difference and doesn't go too far the other way and make things look too light on everyone elses monitors, please let me know what you see( and yes Joseph does look a little orangey, that's just his colouring in the water especially when you get a bit of warm evening light on him).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It looks fine to me Suse. Yes the others were a little dark but the rest have been great. Some fantastic shots on here, I always love seeing a bit of the Port as you know.
I LOVE your layouts, every one of them is appealing to the eye.