4 February 2008

Blogging in my undies

HaHa. Have just come in from gardening and window washing and discovered that the bottoms of my tracky dacks are covered in mud so I dumped them in the laundry basket. It's hot here today, there is no one else home and the doors are locked so why not, I have a tshirt on as well so as not to scare you too much with unpleasant mental pictures. Not too much to report at the moment, as I said in my last post the boys seem to have settled into school again quite well and are even doing homework when asked with out me having to tackle them to the ground and force them to do it. It has helped that I am not doing as many hours at work and am here to supervise their after school goings on. Over the weekend we did a little reorganising in my scrapnook so I thought I might do a little guided tour a bit later just for fun and before it becomes totaly messy again, not that there isn't way too much clutter in here now but for the moment it's organised clutter. I tried yesterday using the video format on Brendan's fuji s5800 but the sound finished up way before the pictures did when I put it on the computer and viewed it back, not sure why, but it may just be something I have to put up with. It's really weird hearing your own voice and I tend to get a little bit over chirpy but that's ok, I'm sure your brave enough to deal with it.

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Kaz said...

so I had to ask dh what tracky dacks were... LOL