27 January 2008

Happy Australia Day weekend

How typically Australian does this look, lol? We all decided (except Jackson) to jump in the car and make the hours trip down to Robe for a very typically (well for anyone near the coast anyway) Aussie outing, a picnic on the beach, hours in the surf, beach cricket and for me a stretch out on the sand and read a scrapbook mag. The weather was lovely, a bit overcast at first but then it turned out just lovely, not too hot. After our day on the beach we went up to our favourite ice cream shop for smoothies and milkshakes followed by a walk along the main street of Robe and a visit to one of the art galleries. Before heading home we grabbed a feed of hot chips and sat and ate them in the late afternoon sunshine On the way home we missed the perfect photo op, an enormous wedge tail eagle was perched on a cattle trough. We pulled over, it sat there, we got the camera out, still it sat there, just as Bren was about to take the photo a ute came roaring by and it flew off, darn, darn, darn. This was the only semibad thing that happened on our otherwise lovely day.

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Kathryn said...

What a lovely day - lucky you!