27 January 2008

Some more shots from robe.

Joseph the beach babe No, he didn't fall over.

Sprung getting changed, no one is safe from the camera.

Paddy agrees wholeheartedly A slightly blurry(the car was bumping on a back road) but still lovable photo of Paddy.
Check out the face on this kid.

seamus playing in the sand

Bren doing the big slog
This gorgeous glass windmill lamp was made by a family friend of Brendans. It was on display in the art gallery in robe
The limestone back road we took to Robe.
Nothing to do with Robe at all, this old car was on display at the Orford vintage engine display that Brendan took the boys to a few weeks back

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Anonymous said...

Love the photo of tthe road and the one of the glass windmill. Thats a gorgeous thing, who would'nt want to own that/ bet its expensive though.
I really like the last one of Brendan too..hunky fella you have there ;)