3 January 2008

So why haven't I been blogging????

fishing at the moyne river, facing over on to griffith island Some of the catch the boys hauled up off my brothers boat
Paddy body boarding
Paddy cuddling baby Xavier
The Moyne river on dusk.

No excuses really, just being bone lazy, and I must say it's making a nice change after the hectic pace of Christmas and new year. We've spent lazy days swimming and generally just daggin' around home. But I have been inspired by my friend kathryn (as she inspires me in many ways) to get off my backside and put something to paper, well computer screen anyway. Christmas this year was lovely, the best one possibly in quite a few years, the family had been plagued by sickness the previous few years but this year every one was well and ready to enjoy themselves. Lunch was done at the Uebergangs quaint little rented cottage, which was devine, both the cottage and the lunch, and as always the boys really enjoyed catching up with their cousins, especially the new baby Xavier. After this we popped over to my sisters house were lots of my side of the family gathered for a final gorge and gabble fest, thanks sis. The rest of the days we had in Port Fairy were spent either catching up with family and friends or down at the beach swimming or at the river fishing. It was very hard to come home to 44 degree heat after the fresh ocean air. I've popped in a few photos, mostyPaddy's shots he wanted me to resize for the web to put on his myspace, but as you can imagine have heaps more, a lot of them were taken on the camera I bought for Brendan for Christmas, the Fuji s5800, it's been a handy little addition to the family especially for the beach and such were I do not have to worry about changing lenses etc. (whoops, did I say I, I meant to say we, it's not my camera after all LOL)

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Kathryn said...

Hurrah you are back in blogging land! Love the photos - especially the bubby one! With all your spare time this year you'll be blogging daily???