4 January 2008


Don't you love friendships that last despite not seeing each other often? These kids are lucky to see each other once or twice a year and yet when they get together it seems like they never parted, despite it being five and a half years since we moved to SA. Bridie and Joseph have known each other since well before kindergarten, they spent a lot of time together as her Mum Marcia and I have been friends for just as long. The two of them laugh nearly the whole time they are together, whatever it is they are doing. I think it helps that they are both the third child in a family of four, perhaps they can sympathise with each other, lol. Although most of these photos are quite crappy in quality with lots of cut off limbs I love them for the unique bond they show between these two kids.

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Anonymous said...

I like them, even if they are'nt perfect. Beautiful colour, love the water drops..Bridie has the kind of face that you can see what she'll look like as a grown up.