8 January 2008

Blogger or my computer

Is not letting me upload photos so I'll just say "hello". Haven't done anything hugely exciting since a lovely day scrapshopping with Kathryn and Maria on Saturday in Mount Gambier. Lots of goodies purchased and then I have had to rearange things in my nook to fit them all in but at least now it all looks good, for the moment, I even have spare shelves and a little cupboard space(more room for more goodies, lol)although one of my resolutions for this year was to use what I've got. I have enough rubber to retread several trucks, I'm sure stamp collecting is an illness. I have made a good start though with an album I am making for a "me right now" challenge being run at my lss, having pulled out a set of as yet unused stamps, paper pack and also a bit of bling that I was sure I needed but never used, not getting the opportunity to do many girlie projects. I will post some pictures when this darn thing decides to behave itself.


Kaz said...

OHHHHH I'm SO excited to see you back!!!! I used to check nearly everyday but almost gave up, and to my wonderful surprise here you've been back and I didn't know it.
Good to see you again,
don't abandon us that long again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suze. Yes, my first thought was the Hamilton Gardens, but, due to family circumstances at the time I find it hard to believe that dad would've taken us to Hamilton for an outing.
Don't worry about the teeth photo, you've convinced me anyway, we're definitely getting a second opinion.