19 April 2007

While I was waiting for footy training to finish.

Psssst, wanna know a secret
This was one curious little cow.

I thought this leaf would be good to use for the catagory of 'light' in the scavenger hunt. I wonder at what the footballers thought of the strange woman laying on the middle of the oval (not the one they were playing on) taking photos of leaves on the ground?
A coupkle of the sheep that the high school kids have raised in the agricultural program at the school.
Seamus in colour and black and white, the colour one is a little underexposed but I still like it, check out the two missing front teeth.

More cow secrets.

I decided to play with my camera, usually I like to watch the boys but I didn't think they would mind if I missed the first 20 or so minutes, they usually train for an hour and a half. Seamus and I enjoyed the stroll around the high school grounds and we fed the cows the school raise in their ag program. I love this autumn weather, lovely sunny days, not to hot, with cool crisp evenings.

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Peta's page said...

as usual what incredible pics!!! totally inspiring!! thanks for sharing!!!