4 April 2007


Does that make sense, anyway my youngest, bless his little heart, has a habit of coming out with some doozies, some of them I forget straight away and I hate that I do so I thought as I don't keep a diary as such I may as well use my blog to record them. His teacher last year said he was a deep thinker, I said he was ditzy, but he does love to comtemplate things, think them over and then 10 minutes after everyone has forgotten about the subject he will come out with a comment, either hysterically funny or very insightful. Like the night a couple of weeks back, as treat we were timtam slammin' it. Now I purchased a new type not the usually plain or caramel ones, yep we're a family of chocolate addicts, and I made the comment that they were very rich and I didn't like them. My DH held one up to his ear, as you would only do in front of your own children, and in a pretend timtam voice said "no, we're not rich we have no money" now the other boys did a mixture of groaning or snorting milk out there noses in laughter, but not my Seamus, he just sat there looking at us like we had some sort of illness. An entire 10 minutes past, the 3 timtams we get each were gone and everyone was about to leave the table when he burst out laughing,and said "oh now I get it". Don't try and tell me that's deep thinking, that's definitely just ditziness. Now this morning for some reason we were discussing ways we wanted to die, I had the news on and a related subject came on and I think I made the comment that it would be a terrible way to die, just to let you know we are not the sort of morbid family that discusses this sort of thing all the time, anyway I was happy to die in my sleep at a very old old age, but not Seamus, he wanted to swim out to sea when he was really old and be eaten by a shark or when we told him this could be painful he thought he might like to be hauling in a fish so huge that it will be such a strain on his old body that he would die there and then, the mind on this kid at eight. five or ten minutes past and we were in the bathroom cleaning our teeth when he gazed up into my eyes and said " or Mum, I could just look into your eyes when I'm old and die that way" Now what do you say to this, I guess you don't say any thing and just hug them, my little deep thinker.


Anonymous said...

Um, that last comment ..how old does he think you'll be by then? lol! yeah he's definitely ditzy. I have 2 like that. Jack and Jess. Jess blames it on being blonde. Jack has no excuse.
Pretty out of the box to think of dying from the strain of hauling in a huge fish. What a way to go though hey? that would be a GOOD death , I like that idea.

Peta's page said...

susy.... that end bit bought a tear to my eye! you do have to hug them tighter!!!!