11 April 2007

26 things, scavenger hunt

Peppermint Patti form Blue Bazaar suggested we do a photography scavenger hunt. The items we are to find are as follows; frame, authority, culture, red, new, liquid, sticky, the end, man made, bottom(could be interesting lol), mechanical, sharp, row, sound, love, you, fizz, numbers, light, curl, missing, Saturday, natural, small, shadows, glass. I'm really looking forward to this, these things are great for making you think outside the box and do something a little different than the everyday shots of the kids etc.

1 comment:

Kaz said...

What is Blue Bazzar, and can anyone join the hunt?
p.s. I was SO thrilled to see you added me to your list of "other sites you like".. I'm pretty sure not too many people frequent my blog, you made my day!