1 April 2007

Rex Hunt really started something.
Little boys love sand they can sink their feet into.
Pulling in the big one.

I don't know how environmentally friendly it is to drive a car onto the beach but boy is it convenient. Jessie baiting up
Paddy baiting up
Caught Paddy having a good old sing to himself in his blue boxers.
The sky was beautiful
We had another fishing trip down to Robe yesterday for a bit of night fishing, the evening was beautiful and the colours in the sky as the sun set were simply gorgeous, ranging from soft pink early in the night to deep orange later on. Jessie was the star fisherman for the night pulling in a lovely big fat bream and a mulloway, Paddy contributed with a nice bream as well, very tasty dinner for tonight. All I managed to pull in were undersized fish but refused to kiss them before releasing them.
I've put in a picture of me with my Guatemalan ear flap hat just for the amusement value, I'm not a hat person and especially very unphotogenic that late at night, we arrived home after 1am.


Ellen said...

Wow, these are all beautiful. I love the reflections in the sand!

lisa said...

magnificent shots suzy