10 April 2007

Where my runners took me...

A cute little flower growing in a crevice of volcanic rock.

Yesterday my runners took me from the ocean to the river, a.m. I was bobbing around in a boat on the ocean at Port Fairy, p.m. I was jumping from rock to rock at the Merri falls Hamilton, without my shoes, so lovely to dip your feet into cool water.


Peta's page said...

what a pity i didn't know you where there! I could have come for a visit!!! only 15 mins away :-( my easter egg..... YES you do eat them! I have a layout in mind.... what else!hahha
apart from a funeral on saturday, was a good easter. hope yours was too
p.s. Great Pics as usual!!!

Anonymous said...

bee-you-ti-ful photos suze, so clear.