9 April 2007

The Port Fairy wharf from the river

Taken while heading out fishing in big brother Stoot's boat this morning.


lisa said...

I still can't reconcile what I see today with what I saw when I was a kid. Those million dollar homes.
When I came home from holiday there and showed my sisters the photos they just sat there with their mouths open.
I love that portrait of you, your skin looks so lovely and so unlined! really nice shot.
I shall not tell my 'hot' daughter about the fan club :D I've seen the way the boys at school look at her, that's bad enough :(

susy said...

It sure has changed hasn't it? I get there regularly and I still see changes all the time.
Lol the lines are definately there just hidden under the sunnies, the chin up helps the rest, I did photoshop out my freckles though, i hate them, freckles on little people are cute not at almost 40.