22 April 2007

A couple of shots from the beach tonight.

Took two of the boys down to Robe fishing again, didn't get any fish and we got bogged in the sand, even the sunset went behind the clouds, but I did get a couple of shots off before it totally disappeared. It wasn't all bad though and we did have quite a lot of giggles. I purchased my first ever surf rod, man is it hard to cast out, it's so big. I wish my silly imagination wouldn't take over though, I was standing out waist deep in the water in almost darkness and the jaws music started playing in my head, it took all my will power to stay out there and get my next cast out, as I was walking in to shallower water and Paddy was walking out, he let out a yell and turned and bolted inshore fell flat on his face in the water, jumped straight up and ran again as fast as you can in water, it kinda looked funny but after my little wrestle with my imaginary jaws I did a brief little panic until he called out and told me he had just stepped on something, he thinks it was a small stingray, he felt it under his foot and then the tail came around and hit him on the back of the leg, luckily he had his wetsuit on. Once we both realised he had both his legs intact we started to giggle hysterically, it did look funny.
For some reason two of each of the shots has come up, sorry.


Anonymous said...

That's what comes from growing up at Port and having the wretched seaweed whip round your legs! I'm a very nervous nelly in the water, far worse than you. I can just see the 2 of you cracking up laughing after your 'narrow escapes' lol! gorgeous photos. Mine are always doubling up. Click on the edit part where it has everything written, no pictures, and copy then delete the ones you don't want.
I will be going to the most highly recommended chiro on Gawler, don't worry, he does a full 1 hr scan on the first visit.

Peta's page said...

oooooooo i can relate to your experience. At Coolum beach long time ago, i saw 2 stingrays near me and before DH could tell me what they were... i was back on the beach!!!!!
pics are beautiful!

Kaz said...

What equipment are you shooting with? Camera, lens,... tripod?, filters?
Nice work here.

mon@rch said...

What stunning sunset shots you have here. I love the gold coloring you were able to capture! BRAVO!