14 April 2007

So what does a barbie doll and dog excrement have in common???

Well I would have thought nothing until just a short while ago, while getting ready for work I happened to glance at the TV while an add was playing for a new barbie with her loyal pet dog Rover (or something like that)which you guessed it, actually poops, you feed it little pellets and it passes them out the other end, ewwwwww. I mean if they really want that badly to clean up dog poo then they can come into my back yard, I'm quite sure my dog will oblige.I think barbie has been around to long if this is what they have to do to create new ones or maybe I'm just out of touch with what little girls want, now my boys would probably love this.

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Anonymous said...

Is nothing sacred anymore? what's next? a cat that coughs up furballs?