12 March 2007

Snack break

Yummodecorations hanging form the rafters
A colorful feast for the eyes
Paddy and Jesssie's chess game

Jessie going back for more

Mid afternoon we changed fishing spots but on the way through the boys had to show me the best spot in town for a shake or ice cream and was it ever yummy, Seamus and I tackled the fruit smoothies while the other 2 boys did a milk shake and ice cream. The place had a really good feel with chess sets set out around tables in the courtyard out the back and gorgeous gelati coloured chair covers with bits of sea shells and other coastal paraphernalia scattered around. There was some funky latin sounding music surrounding us, the type that sneaks in to your back pocket and makes your bum wiggle without you even realising it. We could have stayed there for hours but there were more fish to catch.

The photos from in here are too warm I know but my wb was set wrong, I still like them because they are memories of such a happy day, even though even though they all look like they've used cheap fake tan.

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