12 March 2007

Door way rock

This spot raised my pulse level a little... The above photo is the reason why this sign is here i guess.

Another seagull
Sad little fisherman after not catching anything.
Jessie with one of the sweep he caught.

We started our days fishing at doorway rock, a really picturesque spot. Unfortunately we had to go out on a rocky outcrop because of the low tide were there was really only room for a couple of people to fish so Seamus ended perched up on a rock way too close to the edge in my opinion, I was quite relived when he let me convince him that it wasn't the best spot for catching fish. The older two boys, Paddy and his mate Jessie were pulling in the sweep but only one was big enough to keep. Jessie ended up with the biggest and smallest catch for the day, the smallest was the tiniest little sweep I had ever seen, it would have been lucky to have been 2 inches long.

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