26 March 2007

No more braces

Jackson's new (expensive) smileShow us ya teeth Joseph!!!
Getting the mould made for his plate (which has to worn for around a year but after the first few months only at night)
Close up of the mould
Getting the glue ground off his teeth
Jackson's turn at the mould
The hygienist, Karen.
Great look for a B grade horror movie.
He had to shove a mirror in his mouth for photos of his bottom jaw.

We made a flying trip to Adelaide to get the boys braces removed today, they've been waiting for this day for quite a while but with trying to coordinate the times that the orthodontist had free appointments and we had time to make the 7 hour round trip it was quite a few weeks over due. Unfortunately one of my memory cards decided to pack it in so I lost quite a few of the first shots of Jackson. Afterwards we zipped out to Ikea, the boys really wanted to see it, some video clip they watch on youtube has them obsessed with it, that and the lure of meat balls. It was Brendan's first trip as well, he was quite impressed, it's was a fun few hours.


Peta's page said...

thanks! what us parents do for our kids eh?!

Anonymous said...

what a relief to have them gone. Their teeth look lovely I have to say.

Kaz said...

AWESOME!! I was looking forward to seeing your photos from this day. The smiles are wonderful, are they happy?