6 March 2007

Playing with the tubes again.

Lady beetle versus those icky little aphids, hope the lady beetle wins. The flower from our miniature garlic plants, they are so pretty and delicate, love them waving about in the garden.
A flower from off the creeper in the back yard, not sure what sort it is, it came from my nieces house, I pulled up a runner bought it home and shoved it in the ground, six months later it's taller than me (not that that is difficult) Not a fantastic shot but I do love the colours in it, there are masses of flowers growing across the top of our back fence, very pretty, I hope it's not a noxious weed.

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Anonymous said...

so that's what aphids look like up close - gorgeous photo suze, beautiful colours and a great ladybird photo is a rare thing.
the purple flower - I know what it is and can't think of the name of it, I don't think it's a noxious weed.
oh - it was blue lagoon!
mum made most of our jumpers, I think most mums did then, wool was'nt as expensive as it is now..yes the fashions left a bit to be desired, not exactly trendy the old port.