9 March 2007

The neighbours antennas

Now I must be getting desperate for things to point my camera at, I have resorted to photographing the neighbours antenna, although I did think they look kinda cool the way they were lit from underneath a little bit close encounters'' or something. I really hate having neighbours, don't hate my neighbours, just the fact that I have to have them , was so used to living out of town away from everyone were if I wanted to do a nudie run to the clothes line in the morning I could and the only ones who were traumatised were my own family.

At least Seamus, Paddy and I will get to go fishing tomorrow, have been promising I will take them for a while now but life just seems to be getting in the way. I'm really looking forward to it, fishing is something I loved when I was younger but with the exception of the odd outing with my big brothers, was put aside to untangle kids fishing rods for a few years, now they can mostly do that themselves I can get back to dangling (notice I said dangling not angling, I don't profess to be any sort of expert). I come from a long line of anglers and danglers, most of the family has enjoyed dropping a rod in. My Nana (Mum's mum ) was a really keen fisherwoman and could be found frequenting the wharf almost daily with her little cane fishing basket and her stripey fold out stool and she almost always had a fish or three for lunch or dinner and sometimes for the rest of us as well. Hopefully I will have some fishing photos to put on here from tomorrow and maybe even some photos of fish, fingers crossed.

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