17 March 2007

Playing with some funky colours

Watching one of the most boring movies, Robin Williams in RV. Usually I'm a bit of a williams fan but either he has lost it as an actor or he didn't read the script before he did this, I laughed maybe twice at the beginning and then that was it, unless you like endless poop jokes, not one of his better offerings. Any way this boring movie gave me time to fiddle with Joseph's photo, you can really tell I was bored, giving it lots of colour funk, very overdone but it did fill in a few minutes until the movie was over, even though my monitor needs calibrating, I am really loving my new laptop, love the fact that I can sit in the family room and still blog or surf the net, I've really become a blog addict lately, my bookmarked blog folder takes up nearly the whole length of the screen.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like it :D thanks for the heads up about the movie, I'll give it a miss if it comes along on foxtel or ausstar or whatever cable we're with..we don't get any sort of decent reception for normal tele