28 July 2009

A little pressie for ya Don.

that I have to post here for you because for some reason it does not want to email to you, gets to 8% then stops. there is probably a way to do this for clever people but until I find out it's not gonna happen. Any way it's a new watermark brush, inspired by the ones I saw on Sam's blog here that she bought here. they are very cute, I did buy a couple but then decided to have a go at making my own. I made mine into brushes, basically because I am lazy and don't want to go to all the effort of opening up, moving and resizing another file, plus I like the fact that I can change the colour, size and opacity with little effort. so there you go Don,hope you like it (the apple reminded me of you, wonder why in the Twilight that would be) I will put it on a disk and bring it down with me on the 16th. I made one for myself with a little owl were the apple is, this could be very addictive. And I also played around with a template that came with a Jessica Sprague class I recently did(photo editing:good-to-great workflow). I love that I learnt so much doing this, and that I finally worked out clipping masks. I always got frustrated trying to use templates before, It's amazing what knowledge can do for you,lol.
there is nothing too special about this, I was just pottering and playing. I don't own many digital papers( just this freebie kit actually)so I was a little limited, luckily the photos were taken at Christmas, they some that my SIL and I had taken. I am having one of those very unmotivated days today, started making a card and totally lost interest in it around the 5 min mark, looked at my pile of photos to scrap and didn't even bother, went to edit some photos and didn't feel like that either so dabbling on here was about as good as it got, hopefully my mojo will be back tomorrow. could have done the mountains of housework that come with having four messy boys but I need motivation for that too ;-)Cheers


Sam said...

Very groovy watermark Susy! Making them is a bit addictive, isn't it? I spend a large part of today downloaded free fonts and mucking around.

Can I ask where you got the apple from?


Donna Maria said...

Oh HELLO!! You spoil me!!! Oh, I LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to have it....You are so sweet! Did I tell you I LOVE IT! Just like I LOVE you! Thank you soooooo much Susy!!

Eve said...

This is really cute. Donna will love it! I need to learn to use those programs to make stuff like that! LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Awwww.. now I need one. lol
Are they easy?