25 July 2009

Scraperlicious challenge 1-Winter wonderland

So bright and early, too early for this night owl, I rephotographed the challenge layout. there are two shots of the whole of it as the transparency was really difficult to get a photo of. I had planned to hang it on the clothes line but it was full and it is quite windy here this morning, which will at least mean the washing that is on there will finally dry. the different lights almost make it look like two different layouts.
ETA, please don't read the journaling too close, I only just realised that there are several mistakes in it,lol.

A few close ups of the different elements

The writing across this was done with digital wordart stamps from
here . I layered several across my page then printed them onto PTI cardstock. I had not used these before but I can pretty well guarantee that it will not be the last time, I really like the look of them. Another new digi thing I did was to the shaped journaling in PS, I found this tut
here by googling, she explains it so well and in easy terms for people like me who need in dumbed down a little,lol. although I will never be a digital scrapbooker, love getting hands dirty too much, I am enjoying the added benefits that my computer can bring to scrapbooking.
I love these little snowflake charms, they are just the cutest. I bought a bundle of them just before last Christmas off eBay. I only have a few left now as I used them in a class I taught.



Donna Maria said...

Oh Honey that is absolutely gorgeous...LOVE it! Now can you do me one...lol! Xx

Sam said...

This page is AMAZING Susy. I love your scraping style. I also love the beautiful photos on your blog. I hope you don't mind me subscribing. I want to come back for inspiration...and to see more beautiful pictures!

Best wishes :-).

Sam said...

FAR OUT...that woud be SCRAPPING style...not SCRAPING style. LOL, what a dufus!. Sorry.

Sam said...

Thanks for your comments Susy :-).

I can't take credit for the watermarks, they are by Karen Giron...but thanks to your link to the CoffeeShop site I am right now learning to make my own fancy ones using shapes I have photographed myself. Cool fun!

I use a Sony Alpha100 DSLR and the lens that I used for the bees is a Sony 2.8/100 Macro lens.

I'm off to check out the link to free fonts in your sidebar.

:-) Best wishes,