24 July 2009

A sneak peek

Haha, a little bit of my layout for the scraperlicious challenge just to prove that I have finished it. the reason there is no more shots is that after photographing it I changed my mind as to where some things should go and it now looks different. It was too late in the day by the time I had finished fiddling with it to take more photos so it will have to wait until tomorrow but the proof is there at least. And while we are on the subject of the scraperlicious challenge has any one checked out the first layout, done by the talented Coco, just gorgeous. She is normally a card maker(and what a card maker, her cards are divine and I consider myself lucky to own a few of her works of art) but because she is a pal and up for a challenge when I asked her to join in she jumped in with both feet and as you will see if you go over and look it's something she has a real flare for. Cheers and goodnight,


Donna Maria said...

....Am nearly finshed mine! Have not done a layout for soooo long it is actually painful!!! Even with your sneak peek I am feeling a bit intimadated!!! love You Lots! Xx

coco said...


Thanks for the kind words, just stumbled on that praise. Thankyou darling. It is high praise coming from someone as talented as you. I had great teachers, yes!! I was meant to meet you and learn from you and come to love you like a sister. I am blessed . xxx coco