9 February 2009

A very sad time

map of fires taken from the DSE website
I'm sure there are not many out there who have not heard of the terrible bushfires that have burnt and are still burning uncontrollably across my home state of Victoria. My heart and prayers go out to the affected families to those who have lost their homes and those who have lost so much more. with the death toll currently standing at 108 and still so many more still missing it is hard to believe that some of the many fires may have been deliberately lit. You wonder what kind of sickness is in a person who could do this. I have sat in front of the television in tears most of the morning. I remember Ash Wednesday and the devastation it bought not only to housing but to the farming lands and wildlife. We drove through one of the affected areas a couple of days after the fires were out and all you could see for miles and miles were blackened lands and the smell of burnt livestock was sickening. The red cross have set up a line for donations, the number is 1800811700.


Donna Maria said...

Soooooo with you Susy, we have donated $200, it's not much but at least it's something! Xx

Sharon said...

The fires are devestating... too tradgic can't watch too much! But when i heard marysville was nothing left I was shocked we only visited there a couple of trips to melbourne ago! It was so lush and green and vibrant... It is hard to believe it is gone! It makes the fires all too real - being so far removed from it all!