15 February 2009

It's all about spongeBob and being ten.

Last night we celebrated Seamus' 10th birthday at Willalooka. Today is actually his day but the Willalooka community did their annual outdoor movie night fundraiser and we thought it would be the ideal opportunity to to have a party with a couple of his friends. what a great night it ended up being, lots of space for active boys to burn off excess energy before they settled to watch the almost three hour viewing of Australia, yummy food and good company. The boys were so good during the movie, it kept their attention the whole time. this is the first time we have watched the movie and could not have picked a better spot to do it, much nicer that sitting indoors, the cool summer breeze(ok it did turn into a cold breeze as the night progressed but we were prepared), a comfy chair (I took my banana lounge,lol) and few blankies and lots of nibbles.
Seamus is all about sponge bob square pants at the moment, his cake, his first DS game (we bought him a DS for his birthday) and the four sponge Bob DVDs the boys hired to watch this morning.
Photos are not that great a quality, we left it until it was getting dark to light the candles and sing happy birthday and I have quite and aversion to using the onboard flash but I'm sure he is still going to love looking back at them in years to come. Reminder to me for the next time I have to make a sponge bob cake, make sure it is cooler, the frosting was very soft to work with in the warmth of the house.
Making his wish. He told me his wish beforehand and then worried that it would not come true because he had. His wish, to help the bushfire victims. I told him because it was such a good wish and was not for himself that I was sure it would. They can be so sweet at times.

His DS, he has waited so long to get one, so many of his friends have them but I don't think it hurts them to have to wait sometimes(and that cursed flash).

The movie screen. They hoisted a large screen up onto a semi and everyone sat around on chairs, blankets and some even went to the extent of bringing lounge chairs and couches. My verdict on the movie, I actually enjoyed it. I had heard so many mixed reviews but I went with an open mind. Not every thing was 100% factual and there were moments were the acting wasn't exactly Oscar material but it was an entertaining flick and that is after all what it is all about. I think things have come so far in the movie industry with special effects and such that we have forgotten the pure entertainment factor. And it was, there was a little comedy, some romance, a bit of history, great scenery and then there was Hugh (sigh) what more can I say,lol.

Not related at all but Paddy played his first game of cricket this season. He filled in a little last season and despite his mothers protests, decided he enjoyed it enough to play. In case you didn't pick it up i very much dislike cricket, especially when they have to field, it's like watching paint dry, no sorry, paint dries so much quicker that a game of cricket goes for. Bring on footy season.

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