6 February 2009

I say, there is a thief in the house.

Lesson learnt, don't turn your back on a bag of groceries when you have a dog that loves her veggies. She grabbbed the carrot that was sticking out the top and ran like crazy outside to devour it. I was too busy laughing(and taking her photo) to growl at her, maybe not good dog whispering techniques but dang funny all the same. Does any one have a pet with strange appetites? Daisy loves most fresh fruit and veggies and goes so far as to steal the bottom layer of cherry tomatoes and snow peas from off the vines. She sniffs along until she smells a ripe one and then pulls it off the bush and chows down on it. Last time I was at the vets she commented on how healthy her teeth and gums were, I guess it's all that freshness,lol. Black and white and slightly cropped.
My baby, not looking babyish enough for his mothers liking, he is growing too fast for the youngest in the family.

And colour

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