10 February 2009

Calling all scrapbookers.

I was just browsing a few blogs when I came across this post. Sarah Gladman is organising for scrapbookers to make pages for the fire victims who have lost every thing so they can start their memories again. I think it a wonderful thing, ask anyone what the first thing they would save if a fire hit and aside from family and pets, photos and memorabilia almost always come next. so if you can pop on over and read her post and leave a comment. It really makes you realise how lucky those of us are who have never had to directly face these things first hand really are.


Sares said...

Thanks so much for the link Sue! I really appreciate it and the more help we get, the better!
Sares x

happydays525 said...

Wow, what a thing to help with! Thanks for posting this!