18 February 2009

Super shooper dooper turnaround bombs and the things that make me giggle

OK, normally I am quite a serious person, except around my immediate family , that's just me, but when I do get the giggles there is nothing that will stop me, not sad thoughts or biting the inside of my cheek, nothing. And it's always nearly always at inappropriate times like at church one morning. They had the hymn words projected onto a screen, Seamus leaned over to me and quietly and seriously asked "Mum, does that say from the lips of chickens". I lost it, sitting there in my seat shaking with uncontrollable laughter, at least it was quiet, but to anyone sitting behind me there would be no doubt as to what was happened to the woman shaking and rattling in front, luckily there where only a few rows behind me. What it actually said was from the lips of children, of course now the song is always referred to as lips of chickens and always has me on the verge of giggles again. my kids know which buttons to push, when they see me start to regain control they give me a gentle (or not so gentle ) reminder of why I lost it in the first place and off I go again. Tonight it was Brendan's turn, we decided to have a nice little dip in the swimming lake to cool off before bed, picture a large swimming lake with ducks paddling on it(I am surprised that they like it with the chlorine)in the dark surrounded by gorgeous huge old gumtrees and the air still warm,it should have been peaceful but instead Paddy challenged us to water bomb contests. We were the only ones still there and it was dark so I thought I may as well. Bren, well our whole family have a slightly off beat sense of humour that sometimes only we get. I'm sure most families are the same with their own conduct of what is funny and what is not. Anyway Bren was making silly names for each of the bombs he was doing. All he did was call out the name of his last bomb when it was my time to jump and I would dissolve into hopeless giggles and just sort of do an ungainly flop into the water. He did it each time I tried to jump and each time I laughed. We never did get to pick a winner but we did have lots of fun even if it was at my expense,lol

This blog is the closest thing I have ever had to a diary and it's a great spot for me to write down all these funny little things that make us us, so sorry if any boredom was caused to anyone reading this.


Donna Maria said...

Now I HAVE seen you in un-controllable fits of giggles and laughter and have been there doing it with you, so I know how bad you can get.....but I can just picture you all! You really make me smile!!! Xx

Mel Goodsell said...

What a great post!!

I loved your comment on my blog too Susy, it really made me giggle. What a fabulous idea - I think YOU should be prime minister :))