28 October 2007

Need a laugh

And yes, it is water in the glass
In caught up with a group of friends on Friday night for an early birthday girls night out. I had my little old camera in my hand bag and snapped this beauty of some little bloke between two of my girl friends who are both over 6 foot tall, the eyes definitely were in the wrong spot, I had a great old cackle. Many more photos were taken which I won't post, just 'cause they are mostly crap and some because the camera was passed around and some of them are just plain silly.

Had a great night, thanks girls, with lots of giggling, actually at times I did more than giggle I laughed till I cried. Nothing like catching up with old friends.

We all stayed down in Mount Gambier for the night and Saturday after saying goodbye got to go shopping all by myself without any children, absolute bliss, no one asking for drinks, food or anything, I probably only get to do this a couple of times a year and although there is no way I would want to do it all the time occasionally it's fun. I hit one of the scrapbook stores and spent way too much money then spotlight and bought some felt and embroidery threads which I'm looking forward to having a play with.

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Kaz said...

Were you the Birthday girl? If so...Happy Birthday SuzieQ!