11 October 2007

Don't bath me, pleeeease.

I'm sure she new she was about to be bathed, which she is not too fond of, with that sad little look. She slipped her collar today while Joseph was walking her and went swimming with the ducks, at least that was the story we got. Anyway she absolutely stunk, nothing like half dried up mud and swampy water to add to doggy aroma. She is now fresh and sweet smelling but for how long is unknown.


Kaz said...

Susy... ever smell a skunk?

Kathryn said...

Poor Daisy!! Pixie likes that very same stinky water!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that dog, she's so cute..is hse a king charles slaniel? wonderful photo, love the black and white, is there some brown added to that? looks so rich.
I bathed Suzi yesterday and she carried on stupid. Happy to go in the sheep trough though.

Anonymous said...

good lord, look at that spelling