21 October 2007

He's so sweet..

Bren's not the type to buy flowers or surprise me at any time with gifts but I don't mind, gestures like this little bunch of fowers he picked from our garden and put on my scrapbook desk mean so much more to me, something he knows I will love. Romantic gestures don't come from the pocket but from the heart.


Anonymous said...

Awww, how sweet. Jess does that every now and then. I like the bits I can see on your table.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :) she still IS a friend of hers (of Leanne's)I think. Have'nt seen her for years, not since Jess was about 8. She's doing very well for herself now, turned her life around. She was into the drugs for a long time. Her and I were very good friends when my first 2 were babies and we still lived at Princes Street.
Every time I see your niece(or great niece?)..can't remember her name..the little one with the curly hair..I always think of Leanne's sister Narelle and her curly hair. One of their brothers had it too I think, must run in your family.
Don't believe I ever did more than pass through Yambuk. There was a lad called David Crowe in my class and I believe he lived at Yambuck..one of those little farm areas around Port anyway.
Yes I have to admit I'd find it hard to go back to a town block now.

Kaz said...

Very sweet, thanks for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for telling me Susy. I had'nt even questioned how much he quoted, although the dentist had said about 2,500.
This orthodontist is affliated with the dentist and the dentist is cheap so I figured the Orthodontist would be too. He comes from Adelaide though. First visit to him was $70..thats cheap right?
He sais if we just get the top done (for $3,000) that it will push the bottom out and there won't be a great result. He also sais her bottom ones are crooked but honestly, NOT so as you'd notice. They look fine to me.
Her tooth is wider than the gap it has to slot down into..maybe thats why it will take so long?
Poor girl is offering to go without presents at xmas and birthday to help pay for them :)
It'd be good if you could find some pics. I did research online and it cost less than that most of the time.