2 October 2007

I'm lovin' the mellow

Basic Greys new mellow line is simply adorable, from naive style little people and trees to bold florals, I simply love it. This is a quick little album I have almost finished making for Seamus to have ready when he gets back from his holiday with Nana. I'm also lovin' my new bind it all machine, our house will soon be overrun with mini albums and journals.
Just another couple of Joseph on our walk, they are very warm but it was that time of night. I did correct his very orange face that was in the last post. He has quite dark olive skin anyway so when you get a bit of warm afternoon light on it he can look very orange indeed.


Peta's page said...

i LOVE it!!!!

becspicer said...

I am just in awe of your photos. Great work. And I love the mini album too!