18 October 2007

A few shots from a busy weekend.

The boys (Bren is in the brown jacket) Yeah, go three.
Playing around with shutter speeds
At the show, since when did shoving a stick in a sausage and selling it from a grungy van make it gourmet?
This was my favourite spot and isn't that piglet just the cutest.

Chowing down on blue fairy floss
Christy's gorgeous wedding cake, the figurines on the cake were dressed the same as the bridal party.

Saturday started out with work then took the boys to the local show that they don't call a show anymore, they call it a roundup but basically it is just a sad little excuse of a show. The most interesting thing was the poultry display, oh, and of course the baby animals. Can you guess I'm not a show, sorry, I mean roundup person. That night I pulled on my waitress's apron and went to work at our local Chinese restaurant. I did a bit of work there last year while one of the owners was away on maternity leave and finished up at Christmas. Every now and then I get a call to fill in if someone is away or sick or as Saturday night had it one of the girls got married and had her reception there ( Check out the cute cake above) Sunday morning started with a family mass, then off to the annual stock agents family race day. I think all adults should have followed the lead of the kids who had wins in almost every race, even with their $1.00 bets they all came home with money in their pockets. I broke even and Bren came home with a bit extra than he left with, all in all not a bad day and we had a lot of fun. Sunday night was nice to snuggle down and watch idol, after checking out the gorgeous sky (above) first.

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Anonymous said...

I like your slide show, love that cow shot.
The one where you were playing with shutter speed is awesome..like the fairy floss one too and the piglet one.
I was at the show with my sister recently and she got a battered sav on a stick..apologies in advance if you like those..I said "How can you put that in your body? it's rubbish" she said she always gets one thank you very much and looked forward to it every year. Then she noticed dark bits in the batter (it was dusk so we could'nt identify well) and wondered what it was.."It's probably mould" I said..well she nearly threw up..very annoyed at me..it was just parsley we figured out.
Re the gourmet sausages..I'm sure they think if they label it gourmet more people will buy it, there's been such an increase in that type of marketing.
The rabbit situation has not eased.
I would'nt care but for the fact that they leave the 'innards' lying about..the dog has a bit of a chew but the cats leave it pretty much..you can imagine the flys.
Saw a big snake by the side of the road, near the house..only got little ones at the other farm, will have to be careful in summer.