6 October 2007

Dusted off the extension tubes and my boys are back.

The morning was clear and sunny and the bees were going nuts in the lavender bushes so before I rushed off to an art class, more about that and my uninspiring attempt later, I grabbed the camera and popped on the extension tubes to grab some quick photos of them, and the daisies growing on the lawn. I turned around and found my husband teaching number three son how to make daisy chains, I forget I'm not the only one that misses having a daughter at rare times. They popped it around our dog Daisy's neck and she trotted around the yard looking very cute. I should have taken a photo of that as well but the focus range of the tubes wouldn't allow it and by the time I took them off she had had enough of them and left them in the middle of the road.
Later that day dh raced down to pick up the boys after an almost week long visit with Nana. They had a fantastic time, caught lots and lots of fish and were generally totally spoiled by my Mum. Paddy came back brown as a little berry but with a nasty little gash on the bottom of his foot courtesy of a stingray, lucky it wasn't bigger they can be really painful. I've missed my boys and it's lovely to have them all home safe and sound. It has made me realise though how different life is with only two kids in the house only half the amount of housework but the house seemed so empty and quiet.
O.K. so blogger is not letting me put any photos up, I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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Kathryn said...

Great to have those boys home safe and sound, I bet!