1 February 2010

Just posted this months scraperlicious challenge over on the blog .
On another note I have a layout in this month digi mag scrapstreet , around page 30 I think. I must confess I had never heard on the mag before they asked me to submit. I am a little disappointed at how crooked it is in the picture but without a 12 inch scanner I had to photograph it and the smaller shot on computer looked straight but not on the bigger page, oh well, such is life. I'm off to cook dinner, yummy fish and salad, perfect for a warm evening. Daisy is laying snoring at me feet, shame I will wake her when I get up.


Sandie said...

It looks bloody alright to me girl !!! CONGRATS!!! woo hoo !!! you rock !!!
I'm sure Daisy went right back off to sleep. hee hee

Anonymous said...

Please send me some HEAT!
Love your work.
Poor Daisy... lol meanwhile, would you or would you not LOVE a nap?!