17 February 2010

My baby and a card

The Twilight Tuesday blog that Donna introduced me to back when is closing down. I have been following the girls and their fabulous work for a while now and have even occasionally play along with their challenges,(like right now). I put on the NM soundtrack, just to get me in the mood, and grabbed out some PP, stamps, inks and Dani's sketch and threw it all together on a card, not really sure how I like it, the jury is out, but it's done :-)

the challenge is in Rebecca's words

Creative portion: Create a project that uses printed text: a page from a magazine, book, dictionary, etc. within your project, as the background or focal point.

Comment Portion: I love to read the newspaper online but nothing beats a printed newspaper on Sunday mornings. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t abandon books (hardcover, softcover, or paperback) to a digital reader. Are you totally digital or do you prefer a good old fashioned printed page in your hands?”

well ok the comment part is easy, I am on old fashioned book kind of girl, there is nothing like having something in print in front of you, to take where ever you like, and the smell, nothing electronic could ever replace that new (or old) book smell.

Yesterday I grabbed this little drawer kit by Kaiser with the idea of using it to store my markers in. I have had them for some time now in a little wooden box but hated having to search for colours. there is some gorgeous dedicated storage out there for copics but most of them are either not manufactured here in Australia or they cost and arm and a leg to buy. When I spied these little shelves the other day the idea came to me straight away to cut the front off the drawers(they are heavy chipboard) the markers sit in there nicely and I can now see each colour in it's grouping easily. sorry about the dodgy photo, it was late in the day and they are on a shelf that does not get a lot of light.
And how's this for making me feel old, my baby turned eleven on Monday, although the celebrations started several days earlier with a party at a friends house on Friday night, party and sleep over at our house on Saturday and continued on until mid afternoon Sunday.

He woke to this banner I made for his wall. I think it looks like a great big birthday smile,lol.

An because helium balloons are a little hard to come by in a small country town I went down to the local junk store and bought these paper lanterns to use instead. He decided he likes them there and wants them to stay. I guess that's were they have the advantage over balloons, they don't deflate :-)

And his favourite breakfast by request, ham and cheese croissants served on a Sponge Bob plate. Croissants are the most chosen treat breakfast in our home, all the boys want them for their birthday breakfast.


margie c said...

Oh boy! I want a croissant sandwich right now! It's been so long :) Yum!

Susy, your card is absolutely stunningly gorgeous!!! I love your take on Dani's wonderful sketch! Perfect!

Thanks for being there for TT, me and the DT! I'm sure I can say that we all loved sharing our Twilight-y time with you :)

Hugs, margie

Anonymous said...

Hugs & Blessings from TEXAS!

Madeleine Bouquet said...

Your card is beautiful!


Jodi said...

I just love this gorgeous card! You totally rocked with your copics! You are so blessed with your wonderful family!!
Jodi =)

Rebecca said...

OMG!!! Where to start????? I'll start with the card, absolutely GORGEOUS! Great job with the sketch and the challenge theme of text!

Second, happy birthday to your DS! I love the paper lanterns and the sponge bob party plates!

Third, that's a fabulous idea for copics - I might try that myself!

Can We Be Frank said...

I think creativity MUST be your middle name! You ROCK : )

Beth said...

Happy birthday! :) Your card is incredibly beautiful! So perfectly layered and colored - gorgeous! Thanks for playing and for your support! xx

mousekemom said...

Beautiful card. I have zero talent with copics, so you just wow me. I have two kids with bdays this week, so I feel for you there!

Gail said...

Fab card,I love the roses and butterfly,the colours you have used.What can i say,it is a very elegant card.Just beautiful.