25 February 2010

Finally putting something on the walls

During the process of painting Seamus' room I found an amazing site that sells digital files for you to purchase to cut on your electronic die cut machine. As soon as I spied this quote I knew I had to put it on the wall above his bed. I had begun to despair that Seamus was never really going to love reading like the rest of us do until recently when he finally caught the bug. He would read before but it was always because he had to or he would flick through magazines etc but now I have to go into his room and force him to put his book down, love it. The quote measures 36 inches long, it's a little hard to get a perspective of it 'cause I was too lazy to change my camera lens but it is around the width of his bed. I added the little book (a silhouette design) to the end just to stretch it out a bit as it need to be a couple of inches longer. I'm really happy with how it turned out and most importantly so is he. Now I want to decorate more walls with quotes but I have to paint first, patience girl, patience.


Sam said...

This looks fantastic Susy and I love the quote. I don't have one of those groovy electronic die cut machines, but seeing this makes me wish I did!

Can't wait to see more...oh that's right, you mentioned something about patience didn't you?! ;-)


Liz P said...

What an orginal idea. Your quote has given me an idea for a tittle page for a journal book I ma making for my daughter

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susy, I was just trawling back through your blog. Are you still in love with the silhouette? Those vinyl projects have me more than a little excited!