28 January 2010

It's all good...

Some more bits and pieces that have been going on in our lives lately.
Seamus' room is finally finished and looks great, we keep going in there and just staring, such a nice change from the crappy grey blue that was in there (and yes it was even on the ceiling, blah)although a little hard to get the colour completely true this is a lovely coastal blue and looks so fresh but not cold.
After his first day back at school he was happy to jump into bed for a quick read to me before falling into a deep sleep (he is usually like his mother and has trouble getting to sleep at night, being a night owl must be genetic :-)
Joe loved his first day of high school although he had double art and double PE then early dismissal so it wasn't too much of a strain.

Playing with my silhouette, am I going to bore you by telling you again how much I love this little machine?
Decorating the new fridge

And my tool caddy

And some Christmas gifts. Yes my friends, that is one foot high of fruchocs, MMMMMmmmmm,and caramel popcorn, double MMMMmmmmmm.

A closer view of the Christmas vinyl on the jar, gold, decorated with a little red bling.
Was a little bit hard to photograph and I was in a hurry to pack them before the kids spotted them and started to sneak the goodies out, you will notice that the fruchocs aren't quite full to the top, they were when I started :-).
Nothing is safe from being vinyled, just don't stand still too long ):-)
I'm off, so much to do before I have to work tonight. A bit of a shock to the system to have to work tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night and Saturday until three after having January off. The kids actually enjoyed being back at school despite not wanting the holidays to end so I am hoping I will be the same :-)

Oh and I plan to change my blog header next week when I get a little time.


Donna said...

Seamus's room looks really good Honey...Bet you are glad you have FINALLY got that done!!! I think you are going to have to make me some stuff with that machine..I feel a visit is in order very soon!!!

Can We Be Frank said...

Love that shade of Blue!

Sam said...

Beautiful shots Susy! I always love checking out your photos. They are always so crisp, colourful and interesting to look at.

Know what you mean about changing the blog header...I had to take down my Christmas one too :-(....might use it again next year though...save myself some time ;-).

Best wishes to you and your family,