12 January 2010

Another view

Seeing as today is much more civilised weather wise I thought I would retake the photo of this layout, at least now you can see that the centre is clear, not grass:-). It was so hot over the last few days that even my shampoo was hot and a jet of steam shot out of the hose when I turned it on before the water came through. I don't know whether it is getting hotter over summer or maybe I'm just not coping with it as well as I used to when I was younger. Whatever, I am so thankful that today is cooler and we even had some wonderful rain early this morning, ahh bliss. Had a lovely morning with miss Sandie over a cuppa and loooottts of chatter, thanks Sandie Xx
Oh and thank you to my assistant Seamus for being the layout holder :-)


Melissa Goodsell said...

Oh that's really beautiful!! Love, love, love! That's a really great photo - you all definitely look like a wonderful bunch!

COCO said...

wow my darling suzi, i didnt realise it was transparent. duh!
you are very clever oh and beautiful. i am so behind on my challenges. i have the ideas but i am still struggling with space and havent got my supplies up and running yet. oooh moving is a pill!! see you in a coupla days xx

Diane Duda said...

sorry you missed out on the little dog painting but so glad you stopped by to say hi. :)
(i will add prints today.)

Sam said...

I mean't to comment on this layout the first time I saw it, but didn't (sorry). It is AMAZING! So eye-catching and pretty. Love it to pieces.


susy said...

done an exellent job of holding it