23 January 2010

Bits and pieces

This young man turned 16 last week
These little guys have been growing like crazy. they come up and nibble on your hand if you put it in their tank.

We have spent a fair bit of time doing this, while the process may not be totally enjoyable the end results certainbly are, trouble is now I think I need to go shopping for new furniture to match the new room :-) OK will put better photos on later of the colour it looks washy here.

This boy went to Streaky bay for a fortnight with friends, he had a ball, arrived back yesterday.

Had a great night out with these gals, lots of giggles and chat.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics.
Tell the boys, they can come to Texas and paint... you know since they enjoy it so much! lol

You gals look CUTE!

Donna said...

Can't beleive Paddy is 16... That just in itself blows me away!! LOVE the shots honey...Looks like you, the princess and the beautiful fairy ALL had a great time!! I LOVE that photo, makes me smile everytime!! Missing you heaps...Xx