20 January 2010

Help for Haiti, etsy style

Has anyone been checking out the fab finds on the help for Haiti etsy store. Very clever artisans have come together to sell their goods to raise money for doctors without borders, double(or is that triple) benefits, we get cute goodies, the people of Haiti get help and the people who have created the goods get a warm fuzzy feeling in their hearts :-). Here is the link. They have some gorgeous items.

Like this
Thought of Coco with this one

This cute crochet pattern

Ahhh, if only my boys were small again, love this.

Thinking of winter already :-)
Go check it out, they have new things coming in regularly and others are moving really fast, like a little hand painted owl I had my eye on, when I went back to check it had been sold, hope it went to a good home.

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