1 May 2009

Today I made...

ThisStampin' up stamps, cardstock-stampin' up and PTI
punches stampin'up and fiskars
(can you tell I recently went to a stampin'up party?)

And these

The recipe can be found here under chewy Anzacs. Thanks Kathryn for the link, a wonderful place to find good recipes. they are meant to be for the footy tomorrow but half of them are gone already. The taste testers in my house have given them the big thumbs up.
I loved my day pottering around at home. Cleaned out the woodheater, made soup, cooked a roast, did some laundry and generally indulged in domestic bliss. House still looks like a bomb hit it but at least it smells like yummy food, we have clean clothes to wear and it is deliciously warm.


Donna Maria said...

Gorgeous card, yummy biscuts....is there no end to your wonderful talents!!! Xx

Sandie said...

Susy babe.........I am IMPRESSED!!!!! Just lovely. And that's for both, hee hee.
Loving ya work girl.

Andrea said...

I love the card! The colours and everything about it are just gorgeous. (the bikkies look pretty good as well!)

Peta's page said...

thanks for the visit to my site. Your site as usual is amazing! Your photography always inspires me. The house/mansion is in Geelong.

Can We Be Frank said...

I'll take a dozen anzacs please!

Anonymous said...

Yum yum, your biscuts last as long as mine do. You are very talented with your pages and cards. I wish I had an imagination to create new and different things like you and Donna. Oh well, I'll just keep looking at your blogs instead.