9 May 2009

Meet Twilight

My deflection backfired on me today. Seamus asked could he have a bird for the umpteenth time this year and instead of the usual, we''ll see, I decided to put it back on Brendan and to my amazement he said "why not". You could have floored me. He was adamant not long ago that not another animal was going to step foot into this house(I guess he forgot to mention wing). So anyway we popped down to the petstop(yes that's it's name not a misspelling) and they only had four young budgies left. Out of the four we unanimously agreed on a pretty little aqua one. It was bossing the other budgies a bit and someone made the comment that it was a female (a man said that of course) turned out he was right and so the status quo has balanced a little in our house with four females and five males. One female cat, dog, bird and me. Still no advantage in any form of battle of the sexes but still makes me fell not so outnumbered,lol. The owner of the store said because she was a girl she would be a biter (that was after she chomped on his finger after he tried to shove her head first into a milk carton of which I told him I would probably bite him to if he tried to do that to me too) but since she has been home she has been a delightful natured little thing, happy to perch on our fingers and doesn't seem to mind being petted.
So with out further ado meet Twilight. Seamus chose the name I had nothing to do with it,lol. Photos are a little dark, not easy shooting through the black bars of her cage in a dark room.
And a layout of Xavier using a basic grey kit.

the palm tree was cut using my kilc-n-kut and a purchased silhouette file

Had to put google eyes on my monster

thought I would repost this with the few little things I changed.


Anonymous said...

Now that is a cute budgie! I love the name too!

Donna Maria said...

Am glad that things are finally evening out in the FitzGerald household....Twilight, that's a good name...I suppose it would be too much to ask Seamus to call her Bella!! Luv Ya.

Anonymous said...

Go girl power!!!! I love the dinosaur and the goggly eyes, Ben was looking and said 'Can I have that'.