13 May 2009

On Sunday

Seamus had his confirmation ceremony. He went through with a group of 17 kids which is quite a good size for a small town. A huge big thank you to Maria who was his sponsor or I should say is his sponsor as it's more than a one day thing. It was lovely to have someone who I know will be there for him if ever he needs it. It was a lovely day spent with nice people.
Maria, Seamus and Fr Vihn
Bren, Seamus(with the cheese grin) and me.


Sandie said...

Absolutely fantastic Seamus!!! Lovely pics too.
Cheers xxxx

coco said...

Well done Seamus. What a lovely day for you and very important one in your life my darling. I hope your journey of faith is a truly wonderful one. I will ask Thomas to pray for you . Thomas will be having his confirmation on 30th May . He is preparing for that now. We miss you and care for you all very much .
Love you Susy. Hope you had a very lovely day with Seamus and your family xxx Coco

Mellette said...

Congrats to Seamus!!! Much love and many blessings to you and your beautiful family, Susy!

Donna Maria said...

Congratulations Seamus...Great photo's Susy....can't wait to see you!! Xx